Tuesday, July 28th 2020

Nagao Manufacturing Releases N-FRAME-EATX Open Frame E-ATX Case

Japanese PC and Industrial company Nagao Manufacturing Co have recently revealed their large N-FRAME-EATX open frame case which is designed to facilitate part testing and supports large form factor motherboards up to E-ATX. The case comes with a flexible radiator mount supporting 120/140/240/280/360 mm radiators and can be adjusted in 7 stages of 0/30/60/90/120/150/180°.

The case can accommodate dual ATX power supplies however it requires the relocation of the main power switch and reduces available drive mounts down to 4. The case can house multiple PCIe cards with 8 expansion slots and supports vertical GPU mounting. The black painted iron case measures 370 mm width, 190 mm depth, 450 mm height, and comes in at 3.5 kg. Pricing and international availability were not announced.
Source: Nagao Manufacturing
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9 Comments on Nagao Manufacturing Releases N-FRAME-EATX Open Frame E-ATX Case

HaKN !
A case ive been waiting for !
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That's not a case, that's the skeleton of one that has been skinned.
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"Pricing and international availability were not announced.

Another paper launch not worthy of a news post declaring such nonsense as "released" in the title..... if a product is released, you know its pricing and you surely can buy one.

Even a G search doesnt return any results for the above two issues or pricing and availability. :shadedshu:

"Made in Japan" wont come cheap though.
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Ooo it’s got a handle.

I actually wouldn’t mind something like this.
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I need this case in my life...
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Price and market availability?
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The best customer for this construction this is no other than hardware Reviewers ... some one though to get their wallets. :-)
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