Thursday, August 20th 2020

AAEON and AOTU.AI Announce Smart Vision AI Dev-Kit

AAEON and AOTU.AI are excited to announce the launch of the BrainFrame Edge AI Developers Kit (DevKit) on an Intel AI platform for IoT that will allow developers and system integrators to rapidly create and deploy Smart Vision applications. AI computer (smart) vision applications are often bespoke and laborious to build and deploy. The BrainFrame Edge AI DevKit provides a new paradigm in creating solutions such as vision-based access control, uniform compliance, manufacturing automation, and video analytics.

AAEON's fanless industrial computer is powered by 8th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors and Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU and pre-installed with the BrainFrame Smart Vision platform. BrainFrame is a platform designed to be easy to scale and highly configurable to allow any connected camera to become a continuously monitoring Smart Vision system. BrainFrame's automatic algorithm fusion and optimization engine is powered by VisionCapsules,'s open source algorithm packaging format. These self-contained capsules have a negligible memory footprint and include all necessary code, files, and metadata to describe and implement a machine learning algorithm.
VisionCapsules enable drag and drop Smart Vision AI algorithms and provides complete support for the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. The deep integration of the OpenVINO toolkit fully leverages the optimization and acceleration offered by the toolkit on Intel's processors.

Stephen Li, CEO of, explains, "we built BrainFrame when we saw how fragmented the Smart Vision AI ecosystem is and how complex it was to create and deploy a system. We realized there is an opportunity for a platform that can become the "Android OS" of video cameras where you can download algorithms as easy as downloading Android applications."

"With Intel's 8th Generation Core processors and Myriad X VPU, the DevKit provides outstanding performance and value for developers needing the computational power for their applications," said Jason Lu, Product Manager with AAEON North America. "Paired with's BrainFrame provides for immense expandability and support for AI applications, while removing unnecessary complexities during the development process."

"AI is transforming the IT industry, and Smart Vision is one of the leading drivers of that transformation. The and Aaeon solution on Intel's platform is operationalizing and accelerating the deployment of AI-based Smart Vision in the ecosystem." said Dr. Cormac S.G. Conroy, Board Member,

The BrainFrame Edge AI DevKit is available now for purchase here.
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