Wednesday, August 26th 2020

Alphacool Ready with GeForce RTX 3000 "Ampere" Water Blocks

Alphacool on its Facebook page announced that the company is ready with full-coverage water blocks for NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce RTX 3000 "Ampere" series graphics cards, and is waiting for product launch by NVIDIA, so it could start shipping its blocks. The block is designed for NVIDIA's quirky new polygonal PCB with a triangular tail-end, designed to go with its unique new cooling solution that has fans on both sides of the card. Alphacool mentioned that it's on the look out for custom-design PCBs by NVIDIA's add-in card (AIC) vendors, so it could design full-coverage blocks for them, too.
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2 Comments on Alphacool Ready with GeForce RTX 3000 "Ampere" Water Blocks

Betacool on the other hand is still in development
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Alphacool definitely has their ear to the ground when it comes to DIY.
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May 17th, 2022 18:05 EDT change timezone

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