Monday, October 5th 2020

EK Releases a Perfect Cable Management System for RGB Cables

EK, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is introducing the EK-Loop CMS, a cable management system comprised of six touch fasteners and a self-adhesive fabric. These hook and loop fasteners allow you to securely connect RGB (and D-RGB) connectors without any worry about them coming apart later, which is pretty usual during the transport of a PC or regular maintenance and dust removal.

These stylish fasteners envelop the joint connection of the RGB connectors on each side and strap them together. Both cables are pulled through a fastener, connected, and in the end, the fastener is strapped together around the entire joint disabling any disconnection of the header. EK-Loop CMS fasteners are black with subtle grey EK branding on the middle that is visible once the cable management system is in place.
This cable management system provides another self-adhesive strap that is intended to be mounted to the backside of the motherboard tray, and it grabs the main part of the fastener and holds it in place of your choosing. These two together create the cable management system called EK-Loop CMS.

Availability and Pricing
The EK-Loop CMS is designed in Europe and produced in China. It is available for order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. In the table below, you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), VAT included.

EK-Loop CMS: 4.90€
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10 Comments on EK Releases a Perfect Cable Management System for RGB Cables

Velcro strip with a couple of slots cut into them.
Thanks for the idea.
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Caring1Velcro strip with a couple of slots cut into them.
Thanks for the idea.
Cant forget the logo!
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Clever. I prefer electric tape. It disappears if you wrap it tight.
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literally velcro EK, calm the heck down.
Seriously EK should buy or be bought by Razer, they are like one and the same when it comes to the image they create….

Also how the hell is this perfect then the velcro itself does not have RGB? epic fail u guys, back to the drawingboard.
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Another great way to solve the issue of RGB cable management is to avoid RGB cables in the first place.
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Cheaper solution is to not fall into the RGB trap.
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THE #1 bane of our existance, now has a co-conspiriter in the form of "custom-made" slotted velcro with a logo on top for good measure....

Wow..just..friggin..w.O.w. :cry:..:fear:..:(

Makes me wonder if they did this themselves, or paid Velcro a few $$ to do it for them ??
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On the plus side, it's under €5 so hardly worth getting worked up about.
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the perfect cable for RGB is when you dont have RGB
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Guess the "dab of hot melt glue" had to get replaced someday. And if someone did this themselves for a personal build, I think we'd give them kudos for the idea. And I'm all for EK selling a 100% corrosion-resistant product.
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