Tuesday, October 6th 2020

Logitech Launches the K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard

Have you been looking for that ideal mechanical keyboard to round out your desk setup? Announcing the new Logitech K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard, a corded keyboard with an aluminium build that offers the quality and precision of mechanical switches in a modern, minimalist design. With multiple mechanical switch options and bright white backlighting, the Logitech K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard lets you work and type comfortably for hours - day or night.

The Logitech K845 embraces a modern design with an aluminium top case and floating keycaps. The full-size keyboard includes a number pad, and its optimized footprint lets it easily blend into any work station. The keyboard's curved profile, slim front and angled keys work together to create a natural typing position for longer, more comfortable typing sessions.
Choose from five different switches on the K845, depending on your desired level of typing feedback, including red linear, blue clicky tactile, brown tactile as well as Cherry MX red and blue switches. You can also toggle between 5 illumination patterns for the backlit keys, to work or game in style - even in the dark.

The K845 is the perfect solution for serious typists who are looking for a mechanical keyboard with a sleek design suitable for work.
Source: Logitech
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9 Comments on Logitech Launches the K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard

Nice and clean look.
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no horizontal volume wheel, no good
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wiakno horizontal volume wheel, no good
Also no dedicated media controls or option of Cherry MX brown or palmrest and still will cost $150 as its another Logicrap.
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Does it feature the same flimsy plastic pins that break off and embed themselves into the switches?
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What they need to do is make a G915 without the G macro keys and it would be perfect. Those low profile key caps on the G915 are the best they've ever made. So comfortable to type on and still manages to give a satisfying tactile click (if you ordered the clicky version of course).
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ChaitanyaBy the time it lands in India it will be around equivalent to $110 not due to taxes but rather greed of this company and has one of the worst after sales service(this same service centre also handles Asus and few other brands).
I read in some website that the cherry MX versions will come around 4500rs
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