Wednesday, March 14th 2007

Let's talk about the K10

Everyone is talking about Barcelona - not the city, the server processor version of AMD's K10 architecture. As Fuad from is pointing out, only a fraction of us will invest money in that type of CPUs. So let's talk about the desktop version:
Starting from the Barcelona it sounds very logical that there will be two quad-core desktop versions. The Athlon 64 X4 (2MB shared L3-Cache, codename 'Agena') and the Athlon 64 FX (2MB shared L3, codename 'Agena FX'). There will be a dual-core Athlon 64 X2 ('Kuma'), it's unknown how much cache this will have implemented and last but not least there might be a single-core Athlon 64 ('Rana').
Some of the improvements of the K10 architecture are a faster HyperTransport solution (HT 3.0 up to 4GHz) and improved power saving modes (you don't need a driver anymore for it to work). Both will be supported by the new AM2+ platform. It remains to be seen if the new CPUs will be drop in compatible to existing sockets (losing the HT3 speeds and new Cool‘n’Quiet features of course).
Btw.: Fuad is talking about 'Budapest' as well which is a 1xxx Opteron supporting a single socket only.

After writing this post it came to my attention that there are several more websites knowing something about the K10. In a German forum called Effizienzgurus you will find some more news regarding the whole lineup of processors.

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XooM said:
I take it we're shifting PR ratings to correspond to certain intel products :cool:

*prays AM2+ chips work in AM2...*
interesting how frequencies are odd numbers. 333 base clock speed with half-multipliers?
They look like they are named by Frequency.
Athlon 64 X4 1900 = 1.9Ghz
Athlon 64 X4 2900 = 2.9Ghz
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so, can AM2+ cpu work on my am2 mobo??? :confused:
btw, seems like garbage man likes my athlon64 3500+ :roll:
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