Tuesday, November 3rd 2020

Apple Could Unveil Arm-powered MacBooks on November 10

Apple late Monday sent out a public invite to an online launch event dated November 10, without revealing what it is. With new generation iPhones and Watches and iPads already announced it's likely that the November 10 event could deal with Macs, specifically, the company's very first MacBooks powered by a non-Intel processor since the company embraced x86 some decade-and-a-half ago.

Apple, having gained in-house expertise in designing powerful Arm-based SoCs, is likely to debut a new Arm-based processor with sufficient muscle to drive MacBooks, in what will be a "client-first" strategy of replacing x86 with Arm for Apple. This will likely see the most client-segment products, such as MacBooks and Mac Mini, get the processor, followed by MacBook Pros, iMacs, and lastly workstation-segment products such as the Mac Pro and iMac Pro. The November 10 event will likely only cover the very first Arm-powered MacBooks. Apple has been selling Arm-powered Mac Minis to ISVs along with a special version of macOS "Big Sur," so they could port their Mac software to the new platform. Arm-powered Macs could also see some form of unification between the iOS and macOS software ecosystems.
Source: Tom's Hardware
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And so it begins....

It's gonna be interesting, thats for sure.

Hopefully the market & industry will react positively, and my shares will gain even moar value, hahaha :)
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x86's slow slide to irrelevance continues.
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I'm not sure what will happen with the existing ecosystem.
Devs already had to port all their apps to x64 and now they need to port it to ARM.

I guess ALOT of apps will die as x86 MacOS ecosystem is lot more open than iOS ARM one.
The iOS platform is closed as hell. If they unify the ecosystem, forget about opensource apps in MacOS.
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Vya Domus
bonehead123Hopefully the market & industry will react positively
How exactly would the market react in any way ? Mac is basically an isolated platform, no one really competes with Apple for their market share because the user base only wants the OS and the only way to get it is to buy macs. Macs could run on buttered toast as far as everyone else is concerned, it would make no difference.
altcapwnI guess ALOT of apps will die as x86
That's an understatement, macos will end up even more closed than iOS. Apple's intention here is clear, they want a streamlined OS with a limited selection of tightly controlled software. Mac users want macs because of very few programs that they can't get anywhere else, Apple knows this so that will be the main focus, there is no point in pretending that macos is a real alternative to the general purpose use Windows offers because it just isn't.
Fourstaffx86's slow slide to irrelevance continues.

Care to also explain why ?
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Arm for phone then Arm for notebook then you gonna have the same ecosystem between your phone and your notebook. no more cross platform
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Their OS has already been abandoned by the old user base who liked OS X and it's superb Aqua UX. It's a shadow of that OS now, and also more restrictions on top just like iOS the new one looks like a Hybrid garbage OS like Win10 a sad direction which even Apple is going. With 32bit support going away from their iOS, I'm very sure that Apple will axe 32bit soon once their Rosetta 2 is stable. And then boom, almost all of the old applications on Mac OS will die. What a great Software and H.W, oh coming to HW, I think Hackintosh is going to be history now, and on top their special co-processors more like main CPUs to me since they control I/O and all and use Intel as a slave processor for x86 workload only and perhaps QuickSync on the side. On top the chip will never allow 3P repairs, same for this new ARM hw.

Welcome to the most closed and gated OS and HW ever made. But we know the guys who are like this is the future processor from 30th Century. And funny part is the software quotes, Adobe does this, MS does this. Lol ofc they do that and they have been doing that since years, Apple pays them for their Software which works as First Party. Same thing.

I will wait and see what these are capable of.
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altcapwnI guess ALOT of apps will die as x86 MacOS ecosystem is lot more open than iOS ARM one.
The iOS platform is closed as hell. If they unify the ecosystem, forget about opensource apps in MacOS.
Of course they will unify. Doing so will generate more revenue on software sales, uuuhm.... I mean provide consistency for users and easy of access, of course.
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