Thursday, November 26th 2020

TSMC Partners With Google and AMD to Push 3D Silicon

Silicon manufacturing is starting to get harder and harder every day, with new challenges appearing daily. It requires massive investment and massive knowledge to keep a silicon manufacturing company afloat. No company can survive that alone, so some collaborations are emerging. Today, thanks to the sources of Nikkei Asia, we have information that Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is collaborating with Google to push the production of 3D chip manufacturing process, that is said to overcome some of the silicon manufacturing difficulties. The sources also say that AMD is involved in the process as well, making Google and AMD the first customers of the advanced 3D chip design. The two companies are preparing designs for the new way of creating silicon and will help TSMC test and certify the process.

TSMC will deploy the 3D silicon manufacturing technology at its chip packaging plant in Miaoli, which is supposed to do mass production in 2022. With Google and AMD being the first customers of new 3D technology, it is exciting to see what new products will look like and how they will perform. The 3D approach is said to bring huge computing power increase, however, it is a waiting game now to see how it will look like.
Source: Nikkei Asia
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6 Comments on TSMC Partners With Google and AMD to Push 3D Silicon

I bet its going to be EPYC...
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Every one knows the T800 Neural Net CPU - aka The Brain Chip - is the first real 3D CPU that will be made.

Now it looks to be sooner rather than later since the manufacturing tech will be available from 2022
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Glad AMD is being aggressive... Some of their more recent patents would have predicted this move
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There were some patents about stacked HBM/Cache(L4?) on the IO die, it will be interesting if they materialize and what affect it will have on performance.
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When another company is struggling with their 10nm process TSMC is announcing partnership to release 3D chip, no wonder they're getting a pay hike.
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