Monday, December 14th 2020

BioWare Teases "The Next Mass Effect" In New Trailer

BioWare has recently announced that a veteran team is in the early stages of creating the next Mass Effect title. The upcoming game appears to be a successor to the original Mass Effect trilogy. The new teaser trailer was released by BioWare during The Game Awards 2020 live stream and teases that the new title will follow the ending of Mass Effect 3 ignoring the spin-off entry "Andromeda". This new title is unlikely to launch anytime soon as the game is still in the early stages of pre-production however, gamers will be able to look forward to Mass Effect Legendary Edition releasing in 2021 for PC and consoles.
Official Teaser Trailer

Source: BioWare
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6 Comments on BioWare Teases "The Next Mass Effect" In New Trailer

the only game i really enjoying after skyrim, after both , i've never got
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Don't F it up like you did Andromeda, Bioware.
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Liara flips over Shepards armor and on the back of it it says

Don't Forget Me
We'll Bang . . . . OK
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I feel people should not set the expectation that the new Mass Effect will be as good if not better than the older series. At least based on what I have observed, most sequence released of late tend to focus too much on graphics, too little on story and gameplay.
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How much longer will they insult a once great series?
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Mass Effect one of my all time favourites and Dragon age as well, can't wait for the release.
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