Tuesday, December 15th 2020

TerraMaster Launches U4-111 Rackmount NAS

TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products including network-attached storage (NAS) devices, launches the U4-111 enterprise-class 4-bay networked storage server. It is powered by an Intel Celeron 1.50 GHz (2.30 GHz burst clock) quad-core processor and comes equipped with 4 GB memory (upgradable to 8 GB). The TerraMaster U4-111 offers a balance of features to deliver a cost-effective storage solution with stable and reliable performance.

The U4-111 is a highly scalable storage server solution with four bays supporting up to 18 TB hard drives, up to 72 TB storage capacity in RAID mode, or up to 108 TB storage capacity in single volume mode. It features built-in 10 GbE networking and SSD cache technology to deliver fast and stable data transmission.
High-Speed 10 GbE Networking
The TerraMaster U4-111's built-in high-speed 10GbE port enables fast file access and sharing. With four Seagate IronWolf 6 TB HDDs in RAID 0, the U4-111 can deliver speeds of up to 650/670 MB/s read/write via 10GbE networking, ideal for professional users and content creators that deal with large data files like 4K videos and 3D renders.

Fast and Stable Transmission
The TerraMaster U4-111 comes equipped with two network interfaces and a Link Aggregation function that ensures uninterruptible server access. The Link Aggregation function also automatically balances network traffic to deliver fast and stable data transmission at all times.

Diversified Professional Application
The TerraMaster U4-111 features the enterprise version of the TerraMaster TOS and supports a wide range of professional applications. It supports a full range of SMBs, AFP, NFS, ISCSI, and FTP file services. It also supports virtual machines like VirtualBox, a powerful open-source x86 AMD64/Intel64 virtualization tool. VirtualBox is used to establish virtual servers in storage devices which allow servers to maximize and take advantage of other server resource. VirtualBox can create an independent virtual server for testing applications. Users can also run different Operating Systems (OS) on the virtual server and stimulate an experimental environment for development purposes. Other supported professional applications include different backup apps for data security.

Virtual Disk Support
The TerraMaster U4-111 supports virtual disks via ISCSI. ISCSI allow builders to expand storage space by mounting other TNAS device as a virtual disk whether your separate TNAS device is at home or in the office. Virtual Disks allow the U4-111 to share storage with other TNAS remotely.

Secure and Convenient File Sharing
The U4-111 supports TNAS.online, a highly efficient remote access platform exclusive to TerraMaster devices. TNAS.online enables remote access with TNAS devices anytime, anywhere.

The TerraMaster U4-111 4-Bay Enterprise-Class Networked Storage Server is now available at TerraMaster.com and partner resellers for $799.99 USD.

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