Friday, January 22nd 2021

G.Skill Announces Membership Program, Over 100 Prizes Up for Grabs

G.Skill is readying to expand its portfolio of PC components and gaming peripherals throughout 2021, and announced its Membership Program to let owners of G.Skill memory, peripherals, and cooling hardware register their products, share their experiences with fellow G.Skill owners, get access to direct support from G.Skill, and the latest updates from the company. The community could also, in the future, take the direction of overclocking and e-sports clans. To sweeten the deal for G.Skill owners to join the Membership Program, G.Skill announced the VIP Membership Giveaway.

G.Skill owners can accumulate points by registering their G.Skill hardware, these points add up to membership levels, which allow them to participate in the VIP Membership Giveaway. Up for grabs are over 100 prizes, which include G.Skill memory kits and other products. There are currently three Giveaway events running for various membership tiers, with entries closing on February 1, 2021, one of which only requires you to have a membership account (with no products registered); the other two are open to the VIP Gold and VIP Platinum membership levels.

For more information and to join the Membership Program, visit this page.
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4 Comments on G.Skill Announces Membership Program, Over 100 Prizes Up for Grabs

Umm... Wonder how many points I'd be able to get with the kits I have here......
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I have three TridentZ kits, but cannot find my receipts.

Oh well, no soup for me.
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I just registered 4 kits of trident-z total product points 121,248 for 3200c16 4x8gb/ 3200c14 4x8gb/ 3600c16 4x8gb-x2
Takes 3 to 5 days to confirm so they say if all images are accepted that is purchase and one stick
All you need is an account for this one

Gold you need 25,000 product points.

Platinum you need 100,000 points

Not sure if one can enter all three or not.
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