Tuesday, February 2nd 2021

Oculus Launches App Lab as an Official Alternative to The Oculus Store

The Oculus Store is the primary way to purchase and download content on Oculus Quest devices. The Oculus Store features a limited library of highly curated content making it difficult for smaller less-polished games to join the platform, users previously had to use programs like SideQuest to get around these restrictions and install such programs. Oculus has recently announced the App Lab as a home for this content, the introduction of App Lab will allow users to access experimental, beta, and niche content through an official program. App Lab content will still support all Quest features and will have to adhere to Oculus content standards. Oculus also announced that third-party distribution such as through SideQuest will be officially supported. Oculus App Lab is now rolling out to Oculus Quest devices with update version 25 and should be available on all devices in the coming days.
Source: Oculus
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3 Comments on Oculus Launches App Lab as an Official Alternative to The Oculus Store

For Quest? So I suppost tha it doesnt support my Rift CV1..?
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So how does this relate to FB?
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Caring1So how does this relate to FB?
Same shit different logo, obviously

Its a matter of time. If you take any service related to it, you're in it.
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May 18th, 2022 20:16 EDT change timezone

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