Monday, February 8th 2021

Cougar Rolls Out Vantar AX Black: You Can Finally Read the Keycaps

Cougar today rolled out the Vantar AX Black slimline keyboard. This is a variant of the original Vantar AX keyboard the company launched in mid-2020, but with a big design change—the keycaps are finally legible. The original uses frosted, translucent keycaps with black lettering, which are hard to read with the lighting turned on. The new Vantar AX Black uses more sober-looking black keycaps with the letters being illuminated (like on most illuminated keyboards). The underlying scissor-type switches are unchanged from the original, as is the aluminium unibody with diamond-cut edges. The keyboard measures 445 mm x 127 mm x 15 mm (WxDxH), weighing 626 g. The company didn't announce pricing.
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5 Comments on Cougar Rolls Out Vantar AX Black: You Can Finally Read the Keycaps

I actually like the design of this board, except that font is Hideous... Hey Cougar, Corsair called, they want their hideous gamer-font back.
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I have purchased great products from Cougar in the past. I would definitely buy this as its up my alley, if the price is right.

Although, I had to remove my previous cougar products at home cause I made the joke that now there is more than one cougar in the house (in reference to my wife as she is older than me). She didn't like the joke thus I made it easier on myself by selling the products.
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Big improvement on the original by the looks of it. And hooray for the inclusion of a context menu key instead of a "Fn" key. Not too sure about putting the function key on the left hand side though...
m2geekHideous... Hey Cougar, Corsair called, they want their hideous gamer-font back.
I tend to agree. I'm looking down at my HyperX keyboard now which has a much more subdued font which is pleasant to look at.

Cougar products are pretty decent for the price. I bought one of their cases for another build, and use their 120mm PWM fans and RGB system in my main PC. I had a go on their gaming mouse at the last PAX before the human malware thing happened and I liked it a lot too. I didn't go too much on their headphones, but I'm fussy with audio stuff.
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Still suffers from the tired-old jumbled mishmash of design language that all Asian products suffer from though:
  • It's a minimalist design.
  • It has RGBLED, stylised keycap fonts, and an ugly logo in yet another mismatched font.
Those two sentences are mutually exclusive - one of them cannot possibly be true if the other is.
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I like it, now if they would just make a wireless/BT version, I would buy it, cause I don't do wired periphs at all, no way, no how, hehehe :roll:
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