Thursday, February 25th 2021

ARCTIC Expands Alpine Cooler Series

It's getting frosty: With the addition of the new Alpine 23 CPU cooler, ARCTIC's diverse product range is expanding with new fan variants. Compact, solid, affordable - that's ARCTIC's Alpine series. The series expands with the Alpine 23, the further improved successor Alpine AM4. This new AMD cooler boasts a revised assembly system and long life span.

The Alpine 23 can simply be plugged into the existing AMD retention modules and screwed tightly; robust metal clips guarantee stability and safety. High-performance MX-2 thermal compound is pre-applied, making it easy to get started right out of the box. Thanks to radial heat sinks and a broad, PWM-controlled speed range, the compact CPU cooler offers sufficient performance as well as low noise levels at a very low price.
  • Powerful yet very compact radial heat sink
  • Wide speed range
  • Lower power consumption & low vibration
  • Lower coil temperature means longer service life
  • Simple and safe assembly
  • Pre-applied MX-2 thermal compound
Alpine 23 CO

The compact AMD CPU-cooler is also available in a CO variant for continuous operation. The Alpine 23 CO is equipped with premium quality Japanese dual ball bearings which allows for continuous operation 24/7 without the slightest compromise in performance. Dust and high temperature are affecting this bearing a lot less than generic sleeve or one ball bearings and thus make it the perfect choice when reliability is essential.

Pricing & Availability

Both the Alpine 23 and Alpine 23 CO are now available with an MSRP of 13.99 USD and 14.99 USD respectively.
Source: ARCTIC
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7 Comments on ARCTIC Expands Alpine Cooler Series

Tech, Games, and TPU!
All for those nonexistent 10w cpus.
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ToothlessAll for those nonexistent 10w cpus.
95W, luckily
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I've got a chipset cooler more beefy than this looks. I swear they just bought a used Intel throw away heat sink off Ebay for 10 cents and attatched a different fan with more aggressive blade on it.
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The Alpine series has been around for over a decade. I remember seeing them when I bought my first aftermarket heatsink: an Arctic Freezer 64 Pro. They looked like barely better than stock cooler replacements then, too.
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It's getting frosty; ...
The coldest thing about this release will probably be the market's reception to these coolers.

Genuine question: who are these coolers for, and are they the best choice in any scenario? I really like Arctic, I just can't help but assume they're losing money on these through materials and R&D...
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80-watt Hamster
MachineLearningGenuine question: who are these coolers for, and are they the best choice in any scenario?
Probably integrators who are buying low-power chips in tray quantities.
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System integrators likely buy these in bulk directly from Arctic, as well as trays of CPUs (with no included heatsinks) from AMD.

Arctic is likely just diverting a few extra into retail boxes to maintain some shelf presence.
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