Friday, March 26th 2021

Bitspower Unveils Classic-series Water Block for Galax RTX 3090 EX Gamer

Bitspower today unveiled a Classic series full-coverage water block for the Galax/KFA2 GeForce RTX 3090 EX Gamer graphics card (model: BP-VG3090GXEXG). This card features a slight variation of the NVIDIA reference-design board for the GA102, and is found in a number of custom-design cards by Galax, KFA2, and other AIC partners that source from Galaxy Tech. The Bitspower Classic water-block for this card uses nickel-plated copper as its primary material, pulling heat from the GPU, VRM, and memory chips on the obverse side of the PCB. An aluminium back-plate is included along with thermal-pads, to pull heat form the memory chips on the reverse side. It features clear acrylic top. This top is studded by addressable-RGB LEDs that take input from a standard 3-pin ARGB header. The block supports standard G 1/4" fittings. It measures 264 mm x 138 mm x 28 mm (LxHxW). Available now, it is priced at USD $250.
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5 Comments on Bitspower Unveils Classic-series Water Block for Galax RTX 3090 EX Gamer

Oh look, they even managed to include all pictures with the block mounted on the card. It's the same model as mine - EX Gamer Invisible Edition.

With the way things progress we're all be Ex Gamers soon.
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imma gonna buy them all and turn around and sell them for 2.5K each!
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Looks like Bitspower improved the backplate a little bit, since almost every 3090 owner is mining with their 3090 now :D (I don't though)

Previous backplate design
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Finned backplate - me gusta. :D
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*looks at my galax 3090*

Well. helllloooo.
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