Monday, April 5th 2021

Roccat Outs New Vulcan Pro Model Featuring the Fan-Favorite Tactile Mechanical Switch Feeling

ROCCAT, Turtle Beach Corporation's Hamburg, Germany-based PC peripheral brand, unveiled the new Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Gaming Keyboard as the latest addition to its award-winning line of Vulcan keyboards. The new Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile variant combines the ridiculously fast speed of ROCCAT's groundbreaking Titan Optical Switch technology with the brand's fan-favorite Tactile mechanical switch feeling. The combination provides gamers with unrivaled speed and precision as the Titan Optical Switch registers response rates up to 100 times faster than conventional mechanical switches, plus double the lifespan. ROCCAT's Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Gaming Keyboard is available at participating retailers in the U.S. for a MSRP of $199.99 and will be available in select regions across the EU later this year.

"Now serious PC gamers have two very fast optical switch options - Tactile or Linear - for the Vulcan Pro, which is our fastest keyboard yet," said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager of PC Products at Turtle Beach. "Some PC gamers love the smooth ease of our Speed switches, while others prefer a bit more feedback which is where the Tactile switches come into play. Whatever your preference, the Vulcan Pro keyboards feel great, look beautiful on your desktop with their AIMO RGB lighting, and offer a true advantage by being faster than the competition."
Following last fall's debut of ROCCAT's Titan Optical Switch technology which launched in the Vulcan Pro Optical-Linear and Vulcan TKL Pro (recent recipient of a 5/5 Star Review + Platinum Award from T3), ROCCAT now introduces the Tactile variant of its acclaimed switch, in Optical form. ROCCAT's Titan Optical-Tactile switch has a 1.8 m actuation point, making it perfect for gaming and typing. Beyond being one of the fastest gaming keyboards available, the full-size Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile RGB Gaming Keyboard also has a 100 million keystroke lifecycle that's double the lifespan of keyboards with standard mechanical switches. It also includes a magnetically detachable palm rest and mixer-style audio controls. The ergonomic design combines ROCCAT's renowned build quality with an ultra-low-profile, tailored to maximize comfort and eliminate wrist strain. The Vulcan Pro Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard comes with a premium braided cable and AIMO intelligent RGB lighting capabilities so it can be synchronized with other AIMO enabled devices.

For more information, visit the product page.
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4 Comments on Roccat Outs New Vulcan Pro Model Featuring the Fan-Favorite Tactile Mechanical Switch Feeling

Does turning up the knob on the keyboard make it go up to eleven? :roll:
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I have never owned a great Mechanical Keyboard until I purchased the Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO last December and I am very pleased with it. 1 thing is for sure Roccats Vulcan keys are awesome. The other thing is it works great on Linux. I am sure this new keyboard/upgrades will be as awesome.
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Have been using roccat ryos mk (black mechanical switches) since 2013. Did cost arouns 110 or 120e. Never have regreted buying this products. Few times JagerMaster was poured inside while gaming with friends... Luckily, easy to clean and still this day have zero problems. Color doesnt come off, which is nice as well :).

Software is ok, but havent used it for a long time because I don't have pc for some time... Didn't like that when you connect to new pc or the same pc and reinstall drivers on fresh windows you lose yout achievements :D.

As known Turtle beach owns them, don't know about quality know.

Oh, yeah, been using roccat mouses since 2012. too last 4 years I'm using roccat kone aimo. Feels as new like first day using.
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Does turning up the knob on the keyboard make it go up to eleven? :roll:
the rest only goes to 10, so you set it to 10, where do you go from there? nowhere! so yeah this one goes to eleven
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