Sunday, June 27th 2021

Intel LGA18XX CPU Socket Cover Pictured

The Intel LGA1700/LGA1718 sockets have featured prominently in recent leaks for the upcoming 12th Generation Core Series Alder Lake processors and their Raptor Lake successors we have seen very little mention of the LGA18XX socket. The socket cover for LGA17XX has recently been pictured and it lists also being compatible with LGA18XX which would suggest the two sockets will be somewhat similar. We don't know what products may feature the LGA18XX socket but the most likely option would be the 7 nm Meteor Lake architecture. Intel has developed a new mounting solution for the two sockets with updated hole patterns indicating they are similar.
Source: @momomo_us
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Knowing Intel, even if its the same LGA1700, they may not allow people to upgrade from Alder Lake to Raptor Lake. Taking the recent LGA1200 as an example, same socket, but Rocket Lake needs new chipset in the mid and low end segment to work. Typical Intel behaviour which I don't think will change. So even if LGA1700 and 18xx is somewhat pin compatible, I don't have high hopes for Intel.
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Wow, a new socket cover, I can't wait. /s
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How can I "Install the processor before moving the cover"?
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beautylessHow can I "Install the processor before moving the cover"?
It attaches to the lift up bracket that holds the processor down.
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You lift it up. then with the processor in place, the cover is pushed out.

ever since socket 423, intel have been changing the sockets every other year.

But hey, even H510 supports Xeon now.
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Caring1Wow, a new socket cover, I can't wait. /s
You sir, deserve a beer.

Good that intel moving to new socket. Let it come out and then we will see if it is good or bad.
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Oh my, anutha day, anutha new socket from Intel.... y/A/w/N.....

Can't wait to see how (miniscule) the improvements are for this gen over the last 2.....

They can have my puny little i9-9900k (quietly running at 5.2GHZ) when they pry it from my cold, dead hands, hehehehe :D
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I shall join in the appreciation for this truly magnificent piece of plastic. Oh, what promise it represents, what greatness awaits it!

Come on, assuming the same density a hundred pins means at most 6% size difference between those sockets. Not really worth the tooling for a separate version of a piece of plastic most users immediately discard.
Also, I just got a new plastic lid for my tea jar. Where's the news article about that?
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The Exiled Airman
Well Skt AM5 will be LGA. But bear in mind AM4 has still been here.
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beautylessHow can I "Install the processor before moving the cover"?
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