Friday, March 30th 2007

OCZ Announces PC2-6400 NVIDIA SLI-Ready Modules with 1T Command Rate

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the latest addition to the award-winning OCZ NVIDIA SLI certified series, the PC2-6400 SLI-Ready DDR2 modules. Optimized specifically for current and next generation nForce platforms, this series features reduced latencies and a 1T command rate for ultra fast memory accesses at 800MHz data rate.

As part of the NVIDIA SLI technology ecosystem, these modules undergo a rigorous series of tests by NVIDIA and are certified to provide enthusiasts and gamers the performance, compatibility, and stability they seek when building an SLI gaming system. Tailor-made for the NVIDIA gamer, each OCZ PC2-6400 certified module features the exclusive black SLI-Ready XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreader.

“With increasing system memory density, the number of interleaved banks of memory increases and therefore creates a need for more commands to keep data transfers running smoothly,” commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. “It is obvious that this can be achieved by maintaining one command per clock cycle even at high operating frequencies. The new OCZ 800MHz SLI-Ready series is the world’s first memory series to fulfill the criteria required by NVIDIA for full qualification as a 1T SLI high speed memory, thereby furthering the leading role of OCZ Technology as a leading edge enabler of high performance platforms.”

PC2-6400 memory modules are built with an EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) programmed SPD to provide a true Plug and Play overclocking feature that eliminates the need for manual configuration and makes memory optimization easy for the complete range of consumers. With this option, the PC2-6400 SLI certified memory boots with the aggressive timings of 4-4-4 1T on compatible NVIDIA nForce SLI MCPs boards.

All SLI-Ready memory is 100% hand-tested for quality assurance and furthermore, each OCZ SLI-Ready module is backed by the industry leading OCZ Lifetime Warranty and technical support for unparalleled peace of mind.

For more information on the new OCZ PC2-6400 SLI-Ready DDR2 series, please click here.Source: OCZ Technology
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3 Comments on OCZ Announces PC2-6400 NVIDIA SLI-Ready Modules with 1T Command Rate

Bird of Prey
I know its a marketing ploy with Nvidia and ATI, but NV/ATI certified memory just gives me the warm all over feeling. I know it will work and no hassles. I love it.
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not a suicide-bomber
WarEagleAU said:
know it will work and no hassles. I love it.
you know?
i'm not so sure since it's all the goddamn marketing, they haven't been tested or anything with ati/nv systems, is just a different name and cooler
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I don't care if it's got the NV logo on it... the heatspreaders look wicked!
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