Saturday, March 31st 2007

No next iteration of the PSP

Two weeks after Ray Maguire, the man in charge at Sony UK, told the world about a smaller and lighter PlayStation Portable he recently admitted Sony decided not to update its mobile gaming solution for now. In the interview with where Maquire spoke about Sony's recent change of mind he added they are instead focussing on the relationship between the PSP and the PS3. In general this interview, which is the second part already, is more related to the PlayStation 3. Maguire seems to be very talkative throughout the whole questioning - don't miss the first part if you are interested in the console market. Source:
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ATM, i think the psp is fine as is (except for the lack of a second analog)...what they need to focus on is peripherals and games.
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Jimmy 2004
TBH, I think that Sony has realised that the DS looks to have beaten the PSP, so putting resources into designing a new version might not be too profitable...

They need to focus on trying to prise away some of Nintendo's hand-held dominance with its next portable console - the PSP will be good to build on, but I don't think Sony will be as successful with a PSP Lite as Nintendo was with the DS Lite and GB Advance SP.
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Bird of Prey
Agreed, more software for both the PSP and the PS3
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I'm the only one
i have a custom fw (3.03 OE-C) psp and i dont think the ds is better.i have a custom xmb on mine and a 4gb stick.

there are some nice new games coming for the psp.some of the ones available (gta-vcs,burnout unlimited,killzone etc etc) are really good.the games on the ds are very simple with poor graphics.

a homebrew enabled psp is a very versatile machine.
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Ray Maguire
to be the only one to do true 1080p
LoL! Show me a 1080p PS3 game that runs higher than 15FPS. Their good looking games are 720Pmax because the console can't handle good graphics at 1080P res.... the xbox360, now that's a different story.
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