Sunday, September 19th 2021

ASUS Updates the ROG Falchion Keyboard with Homebrew ROG NX Mechanical Switches

ASUS refreshed the ROG Falchion compact 65% mechanical gaming keyboard with homebrew mechanical switches. The keyboard originally launched in July 2020 with Cherry MX Red switches, and its replacement on the store shelves, the new ASUS ROG Falchion NX, features ASUS ROG NX Red switches. These offer 1.8 mm key travel, and 40 gf minimum actuation force. It retains the illuminated felt-touch panel along the left side that can be used either for scrolling (slide your finger), to cycle between macro maps, and as a battery indicator. The rest of the keyboard's design and feature-set remains the same as the original. ASUS is expected to formally launch the ROG Falchion NX around September 23, 2021.
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3 Comments on ASUS Updates the ROG Falchion Keyboard with Homebrew ROG NX Mechanical Switches

I'm the only one
Nice little KB, I love TKL type as well.
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These keyboards look pretty nice, and the price is ... passable, especially for ROG. I could get a Keychron K2 or K6 for a good amount less with an aluminium case and most of the same features though. One thing I'm consistently weirded out by is the inclusion of Insert (and to a slightly lesser degree PgUp/Dn) as a non-modified key. Does anyone at all use Insert these days? And are PgUp/Dn used more than Home and End? Maybe I'm just weird, or this is some programmer thing that those of us working mainly with text think very differently about?

That little touch slider thingy is nice though.
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Man, I must be old. The word Homebrew doesn't even relate to homes anymore. Personally squished TKL keyboards can go in hell.
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