Wednesday, September 29th 2021

Phanteks Announces Free LGA1700 Mounting Kit Upgrades for Glacier One AIO Coolers

Press Release
Phanteks today announced that it will be offering free mounting kits for Intel LGA1700 platform to existing Glacier One All-In-One Liquid CPU coolers' customers free of charge, allowing customers to use their current CPU/AIO coolers with the new 12th generation Intel Core CPUs.

The new LGA1700 mounting kit will be available free-of-charge via Phanteks' Customer Support once LGA 1700 motherboards are sold. Customers will need to send proof of purchase of Phanteks' Glacier One AIO Liquid Coolers and either an LGA1700 CPU or an LGA1700 motherboards will be required.
Phanteks is also in the process of updating all current Glacier One AIO liquid coolers to include LGA1700 mounting kits. For some models, the updated LGA1700 mounting kits are already included.

For more information or to get your free upgrade, please see the email links below:Availability: November 2021.
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