Monday, November 15th 2021

ZOTAC Celebrates 15th Anniversary with MAGNUS ONE Challenge

ZOTAC Technology Limited is excited to announce the MAGNUS ONE Challenge in celebration of ZOTAC's 15 Years of Excellence! Powered by our partner Viper Gaming, the MAGNUS ONE Challenge gathers the best 15 case modders in the world. Until the 15th of December all the contestants will be challenged to design, paint and rebuild our award-winning ZBOX Mini PC, MAGNUS ONE, in 30 days in order to compete for the lion's share of $15,000 USD prize pool.

"We believe this challenge will be an absolutely amazing experience for all these talented PC builders and our fans as we celebrate our 15-year anniversary. Anything is possible with a modded MAGNUS ONE, whether it's upgraded to be water-cooled or featuring a bizarre theme, unusual materials, integration of RGB - the most important rule here is the MAGNUS ONE needs still to be clearly recognizable. We look forward to seeing the most creative idea come alive after a month," said Maciej Wieczorek, ZOTAC Senior Marketing Manager of EMEAI.

For more information, and to participate, visit this page.
Three types of award - Best Overall Design, Best Theme Design, and Best RGB Integration - will be given to contestants who get the highest votes.

Alongside a jury made up of professionals from different backgrounds, ZOTAC also invites the public to judge which makes up 50 % of the vote. In addition, all voters from the public will be entitled to a lucky draw for a chance to win a MAGNUS ONE or ZOTAC goodie bag. Voting will open to the public on December 16, 2021.
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2 Comments on ZOTAC Celebrates 15th Anniversary with MAGNUS ONE Challenge

And here comes the "Mod Squad" hehehe....

Good luck to everyone who enters this competition :)
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I'm the only one
Here comes the $10,000 PC's that have cost the builder squat. My pet hate is sponsored builds. Don't mind if people pay for and build it to use themselves, but sponsored builds are a crock.

invites the public to judge which makes up 50 % of the vote. Not as single sponsored build would get a vote from me.
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May 16th, 2022 22:04 EDT change timezone

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