Tuesday, November 23rd 2021

XPG Announces Free LGA 1700 Mounting Kit for LEVANTE 240 and 360 AIO Coolers

XPG, today announces free LGA 1700 mounting kit for existing All In One liquid coolers LEVANTE 240 and LEVANTE 360's customers free of charge, offering customers to use their current XPG coolers with the new 12th generation Intel Alder Lake CPUs. Both XPG LEVANTE 240 and LEVANTE 360 are compatible with the new Intel socket LGA 1700, and the new mounting kit will be available free of charge. Customers need to apply to validate on the Customer Support page with the proof of purchase of XPG coolers, 12th generation CPU and/or Motherboard, and XPG Customer Service will contact customers for further instructions. Delivery duration depends on customer's location, and only the materials required for the installation will be shipped.
Source: XPG
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Does anyone have a friend or relative who uses adata cooler from topic mentioned? Who is their oem?
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It is quite shocking to see manufacturers of CPU coolers still announcing LGA 1700 mounting kits, almost a month after the CPU is released for sale. Even coolers that are being sold now in the market mostly don't contain the LGA 1700 mounting kits by default. So Intel expect people to put ice packs on the CPU to cool the chip in the near term? I don't know who messed up here, but looking at the fact that all the CPU cooler makers are all still in the midst of releasing LGA1700 kits, I can't rule out Intel being the one that informed the CPU cooler manufacturers late.
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