Thursday, January 13th 2022

EZCast ProAV WR/WT Brings 200M+ Range to Wireless HDMI Display Systems

- EZCast, a leading innovator of wireless display technologies, is pleased to announce the EZCast ProAV WR/WT, a highly-flexible Wi-Fi HDMI Extender/Splitter/Switch with a range of 200M, or even more, in open areas. This product, comprising a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, is being officially launched at Infocomm 2021. The wireless ProAV WR/WT is ideal for applications and scenarios where a wired network connection may be too disruptive, time-consuming or difficult to install, while still providing an easy bridge to wired networks wherever they are more suitable (for example via EZCast's ProAV ET/ER). The EZCast ProAV WR/WT is exceptional for providing wireless performance that is just as good as standard LAN performance.

The ProAV WR/WT benefits from EZCast's simplified, unified transmitter and receiver design, and from economic fast networked backbone and easy deployment configurations. These advantages help EZCast ProAV equipment cost less than one-tenth of the price of traditional ProAV gear, helping you do away with complex and expensive matrix switch devices. Despite this, this product offers easy compatibility with existing systems and hassle-free integration.
Flexible and scalable and controllable
The product design provides greater flexibility and scalability in both system design and system functions - for example, making it easy to change from extender to splitter to switcher functionality. Central Management System (CMS) software support provides easy centralized remote control, while the built in USB KVM capability still gives you access to key functions in the field, such as controlling TX port messaging from the RX receiver.

Based on our advanced custom chip
EZCast ProAV devices supporting Video/Audio/USB/IR/UART over IP, including the ProAV WR/WT, are based around a powerful in-house developed, highly integrated System on a Chip (SoC) with embedded HDMI receiver and networking components.

For more information, visit the product page.

Price and Availability
  • EZCast ProAV WT HDMI Extender/Splitter/Switch is available at an MSRP US$139
  • EZCast ProAV WR HDMI Extender/Splitter/Switch is available at an MSRP US$129
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4 Comments on EZCast ProAV WR/WT Brings 200M+ Range to Wireless HDMI Display Systems

is being officially launched at Infocomm 2021
They're late...
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DeathtoGnomesThey're late...
Nah - It's just the wireless latency kicking in due to having only one bar of signal to work with.

Seriously, this looks like a welcomed improvement for wireless setups.
Will it deliver? Only time will tell.
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We want to know first, what about latency.
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Might make it a lot easier to connect to the projector...
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