Monday, February 28th 2022

Qualcomm Expands Snapdragon Compute Ecosystem for the Next-Generation of Enterprise-Grade PCs

Today, during Mobile World Congress 2022, Qualcomm Incorporated President and Chief Executive Officer, Cristiano Amon highlighted how Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is continuing to bring best-in-case experiences to enterprise PCs and drive the convergence of the PC and mobile to increase productivity, connectivity, and security from anywhere. During last month's Consumer Electronics Show, the Company announced that over 200 enterprise customers were testing or deploying Windows 11 on Snapdragon laptops and 2-in-1 devices. Today, Amon outlined how strategic relationships with Microsoft, Lenovo, and many other ecosystem leaders are helping deliver the next generation of enterprise-ready PCs, powered by Snapdragon. Utilizing its global relationships, Qualcomm Technologies continues to lead the PC industry's inevitable transition to innovative and modern solutions from the portfolio of Snapdragon compute platforms.
Quotes from key collaborators that Qualcomm Technologies is working with to drive innovation for always on, always connected enterprise PCs through Snapdragon Compute Platforms can be found here.

Enabling the Industry's Leading PC OEMs to Deliver Enterprise-Ready Windows 11 Devices

Together with Qualcomm Technologies, global OEMs deliver Windows 11 on Arm PCs addressing the challenges that traditional x86 solutions present enterprise customers in today's hybrid environment. Earlier today, Lenovo announced the first laptop PC powered by the new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 compute platform: the ThinkPad X13s. This new ThinkPad delivers the features that enterprise customers crave: powerful sustained performance, 5G mmWave connectivity, and AI-accelerated experiences combined with advanced camera and audio technology. All with up to 28 hours of battery life and a light, efficient fanless design. Built with 90% recycled magnesium in the top and bottom covers and with PCC plastic and recyclable packaging, the new ThinkPad X13s has leading capabilities that are optimized for enterprise use cases, including productivity, collaboration, and security from anywhere in a more sustainable design. The technology leadership presented by Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 is fueling channel growth for the compute lineup, and the premium ThinkPad X13s paves the way.
Empowering Windows on Snapdragon Developers, In Collaboration with Microsoft
Qualcomm Technologies' work with independent software vendors is a crucial component in fueling the PC industry's shift to Arm-based Snapdragon compute platforms. Engaging with top 100+ Windows ISVs to optimize and enhance their productivity, collaboration, and security applications enables enhanced use cases for today's distributed workforce. The Company's collaboration with key Windows ISVs necessitates seamless offerings optimized for end users and IT administrators. For example, everyday features like face detection, background blur, and audio noise suppression can be offloaded to the Snapdragon compute platform's integrated Qualcomm AI Engine to increase power optimization and a more engaging experience. Additionally, security ISVs report that the lightning-fast, highly secure 5G cellular connectivity found in PCs powered by Snapdragon allows their customers to detect and remediate threats and maintain compliance from virtually anywhere. Windows 11 on Snapdragon software developers share a passion for delivering best-in-class user experiences through native applications for popular offerings to specialized enterprise use cases. Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft provide resources to developers to help ensure applications maximize architectural advantages to tap into the leading efficiency of Snapdragon compute platforms. The integrated Qualcomm secure processing Unit implements the Microsoft Pluton Security Solution for Windows 11 to help securely store sensitive data such as credentials, personal data, and encryption keys directly on the SoC of managed enterprise systems.

Ensuring Product Availability for Enterprise Customers, with PC Resellers and Distributors
Enterprise customers and end users need intelligently connected devices to modernize their business, and Windows 11 PCs powered by Snapdragon can help businesses be more productive from anywhere. The strategic collaborations Qualcomm Technologies has with major global channel partners and resellers helps expand availability of Snapdragon powered Windows PCs. By expanding our investment in these relationships, Qualcomm Technologies increases availability of products powered by Snapdragon compute platforms. Once in hand, Windows 11 PCs powered by Snapdragon can ultimately help businesses be more productive from anywhere.

Connecting PCs for Fast, Reliable, Secure Computing, with Global Network Operators
In today's hybrid world, IT administrators continue to increase their digital transformation investments to maximize collaboration, productivity, and security. They report that connectivity is the underlying fabric that enables them to deliver modern work experiences. Qualcomm Technologies' considerable relationships with global network operators drives growth for the Company's portfolio of Snapdragon compute platforms, as operators worldwide connect PCs to ensure employees can move at the speed of their business.

Snapdragon builds on our decades of mobile innovation to make an intelligently connected world possible. For more information about our compute technology, please visit here.
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