Thursday, June 9th 2022

Alphacool Unveils White Rise Aurora 120mm and 140mm Fans

Due to high customer demand, Alphacool is expanding its Special White Edition and now also offers the Rise Aurora fans in white. The fans perfectly match the white NexXxos radiators and the connectors of the Eizapfen White Edition in terms of color. The digital aRGBs create a unique illumination to complete the visual appearance.

Alphacool's Rise Aurora doesn't just score points for its design, though. Like the model in black, the fan is offered in 120 mm or 140 mm. Due to the high airflow (120 mm 154.1 m³/h | 140 mm 154.1 m³/h) paired with a high static pressure (120 mm 3.17 mm/H₂O | 140 mm 2.20 mm/H₂O), the fan is perfect for mounting on radiators of a water cooling system or for ventilating a case.
Other plus points are the wide PWM controllable control range (e.g. 0-2500 rpm for the 120 mm variant) as well as the decouplers on the frame and the tear-off edges on the fan blades, which make the Rise Aurora the perfect choice for a silently operated case or water cooling system.
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Bad humor aside, it looks like a decent fan.
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I have a white build and these look exactly like my Montech fans, but these have way higher RPM and PWM control.... And the price is not great, but not bad considering the specs, if they give a deal on a three pack, that'd be nice. I have a Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic (like so many others) and I'd need nine fans (though I currently have 12 fans installed), so $20+ fans get expensive...I cheaped out when I did the build, I got 9x of the Montech fans for around $90 and just took the 3x fans that came with my AIO and used them in a push-pull configuration to make up for any shortcomings on the Montech fans. I have a 2700x/5700xt and my CPU Temps are never above 70° (rarely in the 60s) and my GPU Temps are never above 65°, and rarely in the 60s. But, I would like PWM control and I wouldn't mind the higher RPM range to quickly get Temps down if I need it.
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Well, hell must have frozen over, 'cause I thought that had to happen before anyone FINALLY came out with a "white" product that is actually, well you know, W H I T E, as in 100% white every where/all over..........

Now the REAL question is: are the mounting screws white also ? or do I have to repeat my previous workaround of painting them white myself prior to installation ?

I already had 97% of the parts for a SNOWBLINDER rig I was hired to build for a customer, I only need just a few moar minor things, since these fans just pushed that to 99%, yee haw !
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Yea the fans look great without the RGB, but adding RGB to the fan blade ruins it for me.
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2022 and manufacturers are still messing around with leaky fan frames... just shooting themselves in the foot.
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I personally wound't feel comfortable with putting the words "white" and "rise" together like that, as should anyone with knowledge of white supremacy.
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Alphacool should rather let these chinese fan rebrands go...
They are nowhere near in performance to other reputable fan brands.
I also have an eiswolf 360 on my 3080ti, and the only downside of it were the fans. I replaced them with P12's, and even those are by lightyears better.
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Hm..... the Rise fans are better than Noctua fans ->
You should not compare the Lux fans with the Rise fans.
Ok, that one test i didnt saw yet at igors lab. That shows, that above ~1500rpm it performs relatively well.
Question is just, where is 1500+ needed? On thick radiators maybe, or where just a low number of fans can be installed. Probably very rare?

But like in my example, the normal 360rad Eiswolf keeps even under 800rpm my 3080ti cool, and probably a built watercooling even more cooler. And at 1000 and below rpm-s nearly any fan performs better, and also quieter than these rise fans. (i dont have lux fans, neither did i mention them)
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Alphacool Rep
If you look at the airflow at low speeds on a radiator, the Rise fans push more air through the radiator than the Noctua. Even at speeds below 1000rpm. You were just looking at static pressure, right?
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Jun 25th, 2022 22:57 EDT change timezone

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