Tuesday, April 24th 2007

PSP price cut will not make it to Australia

You'd think that after America and Europe get a price cut for the Sony PlayStation Portable, the rest of the world would be entitled to the same treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Sony market in Australia has no imminent plans of changing the PSP price. Sony claims that they are not changing the price now because they are currently investigating the Australian markets, to figure out exactly what the new price should be set to. Time will tell what's actually going to happen with Sony in Australia.Source: 1Up
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3 Comments on PSP price cut will not make it to Australia

Um... we aren't complaining in AUS atm... the PSP is already so cheap, there have been many price cuts so yeah.
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WE? The PSP costs so much more then it's more superior competition, the Nintendo DS.
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Bird of Prey
How much is it going for in Australia? Are you all PAL or NTSC?
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