Sunday, May 6th 2007

Microsoft in talks to buy Yahoo!

After losing out to Google in a bidding war to buy online advertising company DoubleClick, Microsoft could be about to acquire Yahoo!, a site best known for its search capabilities. The deal is being reported to be worth as much as $50 billion, and would allow Microsoft a stronger market position to compete with Google in the growing business of online searching. Earlier this week Yahoo! announced that it would be buying a further 80% share in advertising firm Right Media for a sum of $680 million, leaving it in full control of the company, a move which probably increased Microsoft’s interest in such a deal. Yahoo!’s shares rose to $32.25 from $28.18 after news of this merger, which could change the face of online searching over the coming years – and may have a significant impact on free online email services considering that Microsoft is in control of MSN Hotmail.Source:
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aye read this in the financial times on my lunch break today
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Jimmy 2004
xylomn said:
aye read this in the financial times on my lunch break today
You had to work on a Sunday? Not nice... :(

Guess there are quite a lot of jobs like that though, just messes up the bank holiday weekend a bit.

Edit: I should really stay on topic a little more often!
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And the battle line is drawn up against the might of Google.
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Bird of Prey
say it aint so yahoo, say it aint so.
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not a suicide-bomber
i will fight with google against m$ until my last breath :p
i think these ain't good news :/
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WTF IS M$ DOING :eek: :p
They'll soon buy us too :p :roll:
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Starting price for TPU--8 billion dollars.
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I have to say i'ld be rooting for google in the Google vs M$ match. Something about google seems happy and friendly while M$ seems like the big bad corporation still. Buying Yahoo would certainly be a huge move by them though.
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50 billion dollars is not worth it. Not even close. 10 billion sounds alot better.

Yahoo mail > gmail
Yahoo news > google
yahoo shop > froogle

yahoo + MS = a fighting chance to stop the google beast.
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50 billion?

That would have knocked Gates WAYYY down from the wealth list.
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