Wednesday, May 16th 2007

Amazon going DRM-free

Popular online retailer Amazon has confirmed that it plans to launch a DRM-free music store, which should allow customers to chose from a wide variety of songs from numerous artists. Apple recently took a step forwards after a deal with EMI allowed it to sell unprotected music via its iTunes store, and Amazon today announced that it plans to offer “millions of soungs” from over 12,000 record labels, all DRM-free. Amazon will be the first major distributor to offer all downloads without any digital rights management, which should allow customers to transfer music between different devices much easier compared to downloads from competing firms – something which has often been criticised by music fans. Amazon has not revealed when this service will go live, nor is there any indication of which regions it will be available in and what prices will be like, but this should be a good move from the consumer’s view provided songs aren't too expensive.Source: TG Daily
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4 Comments on Amazon going DRM-free

Oh that sneaky DRM... it's about time.
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Finally. The other companies turned me into a newt.........

but I got better.
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Great news and hopefully foreshadowing things to come.

Too bad I didn't even know Amazon had a download service....
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Bird of Prey
Looks like Mr Steve Jobs push has made a huge difference. DRM is a nasty stupid way to prevent piracy. Honestly, there really is no way to prevent it.
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