Saturday, May 19th 2007

Apple iPhone Gets FCC Approval

Apple recently announced that it has officially received FCC approval to sell the iPhone, its much anticipated entry into the mobile phone market. Along with getting FCC approval, the iPhone is ready to ship next month, Apple spokespeople said.

All mobile phones offered in the United States must receive a "grant of equipment authorization," which means it has received the green light from the FCC.

"We're on track to release it in late June," Cingular spokesman Mark Siegel said. "Nothing has changed."

FCC documents confirmed the iPhone will have WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Apple requested the FCC keep several details secret from the public, including the official launch date of the device. Apple also requested the FCC not release external or internal photographs and user manual of the iPhone for 45 days -- which means the material will likely not be made available until the iPhone is on the market.Source: DailyTech
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and it will cost an arm and a leg! :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
almost $500 USD if not over that, based on initial reports. The Iphone is a cool looking piece of technology, I will give Apple credit for that. However, some of the technology on there is a little old or outdated (based on the newest technology out). Seems kind of a waste to me.
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It doesn't even have 3G. Motorola is currently developing an iPhone competitor, and it'll have 3G. :D

Hopefully it isn't grossly overpriced though.
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I cant wait!!

I dont understand why they asked them not to release pictures of it when apple has them on their website
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I do like the voicemail sifting feature. Would be so nice to see your messages and ignore some. :D

I hope they went further and allowed to mass-save or mass-delete. I can't frickin' stand having to go through each saved message to re-save.

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