Thursday, May 31st 2007

Palm Introduces the Foleo

In between a smartphone and a laptop, Palm's new Foleo offers a nearly full sized keyboard, 10 inch display and comes with a word processor and spreadsheet. Unveiled on May 30th at the 'All Things D:' conference, Palm's founder Jeff Hawkins says it is most useful when combined with a smartphone. The Foleo runs on Linux, supports Bluetooth, WiFi and uses Opera as its browser.Source: Wired
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5 Comments on Palm Introduces the Foleo

hmmm id prefer a laptop :)
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
ex_reven said:
hmmm id prefer a laptop :)
a lot of industry experts think it will fail because just about everybody wants the functionality of a laptop and this Foleo thing seems like a crippled version of a nice laptop. of course its fairly inexpensive at 500 bucks after rebate according to Businessweek.
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Wile E
Power User
ex_reven said:
$500 for a typewriter :p
A very hackable typewriter, however. lol
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Bird of Prey
Linux OS and Opera web browser. Sounds nice and that 10" screen is attractive.
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