Sunday, June 3rd 2007

New game 'Re-Mission' aims to help kids fight cancer

In the past, we've seen video games dedicated to cancer victims, charities started by gamers, and other hospitable acts towards the less fortunate by gamers. Now, non-profit HopeLab and Cigna have created a PC game that's designed to make cancer patients feel better. Re-Mission is game designed around educating children about cancer. It allows players to see what cancer is, and how to properly combat it. This game is free to any cancer patient, doctor, or medical facility that wants it.

What is truly surprising though is the results of this game. Studies have shown that cancer patients actually have a much better time battling cancer after they've played this game. The game increases cancer patients "quality of life, knowledge about cancer... and their self-efficacy to communicate about cancer." Cancer patients who have played this game also have a much better prognosis.
Even more interestingly, young patients who played the game apparently maintained higher blood levels in chemotherapy and had higher rates of success in staving off the cancer in their bodies, suggesting that the game succeeded in convincing players to stick to their therapy.
If you'd like more information on this wonderful game, please visit Cigna for a copy.Source: 1Up
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Bird of Prey
This is about that one story reported on TPU earlier right? I think this is a very good thing and I see a bunch of positive coming from it.

For every violence in games, there is a nice story like this.
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Sorta, NVIDIA did something like this for burn victims.

But isn't in incredible how this game actually improves the likeliness of someone surviving cancer? I say VERY good job to HopeLab and Cigna.
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