Saturday, June 16th 2007

Colin McRae: DIRT v1.1 Patch

Codemasters has issued the first patch for Colin McRae: DIRT, updating the latest installment of the series to version 1.1. This patch should be applied to a clean install of the game. Please click on the "Read full story" marker for the changelog.

Colin McRae: DIRT v1.1 Patch (51.53MB)

  • Fixed a bug where entering the options menu inside the game with no active sound card present would cause the game to crash
  • The game will now display an error message and prompt the user to quit the game when graphics settings are set beyond their hardware capabilities.
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions vehicle's bonnets/wings would be invisible on entering a race
  • Corrected the minor miss spelling of Portuguese in the game
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when regaining focus from another application, or the desktop
  • The sound mixer now defaults to SOFTWARE, for improved game performance. D3D and OPENAL are still available, for higher quality
  • Increased maximum Head-cam movement speed by 50%
  • 5 axes mode support for Thrustmaster "RGT Force Feedback Pro" wheel
  • Fixed a bug where Force Feed Back on controllers would stop working after the user returned focus to the game
  • Fixed a rare bug where it was possible to drive your vehicle before the start lights had gone green
  • Ultra graphic settings modified slightly to be usable with hardware of today.
  • Improvements in performance of both internal audio, and external OpenAL drivers
Source: GamersHell
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8 Comments on Colin McRae: DIRT v1.1 Patch

Didnt see any real performance fixes?? As this game must be one of the most poorly optimized driving games for years!! My PC runs it much worse than my 360, still my PC is more powerful than the 360. 1+1=2?
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Ultra graphic settings modified slightly to be usable with hardware of today.

People complained about the Ultra graphic settings. I always thought that ultra basically means uncompressed textures...doesn't mean they are any better then compressed textures.

Also, where does this patch allow to...the demo? Because the game is not released in my state yet.

Edit: never mind I read the link. They are patching the game before release. Impressive!!!
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HellasVagabond said:
It is released......;)
Atleast in Europe.
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HaZe303 said:
Atleast in Europe.
Thanks, I read about that but around here it won't be released until next week.
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Before the patch I could run @ ultra settings 1024x768, but had a weird shadow over my car and a radius of maybe 50 metres which just looked weird when the sun was blaring and no clouds in the sky? After the patch that has gone but it wont allow me to run ultra because of lack of gfx card memory? High looks real nice and plays smooth as anything, only thing that puts it down is my 3 year old CRT :(
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so they wont let you select ultra and ultra has worse grpahics then before now
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Before the patch ultra had the cloud/shadow effect but let me play ultra smoothly! Didnt see if high or medium gave me the shadow though!

After patch lets me choose ultra settings, but when it goes to load into race it bombs out with insufficent gfx card memory error, not a big problem as it stll looks the dogs bollocks and is smooth as butter apart from having to run it on 3 year old technology CRT monitor
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