Friday, July 6th 2007

Electronic Arts Details Family Play

Does your kid-sister cry when you beat her at Madden? Does your mom ground you when you obliterate her at FIFA? Well that all could change thanks to EA's new "Family Play," a program designed to simplify controls for popular sports games on the Nintendo Wii. Players can choose their own style that suits their skill level in Madden 08, FIFA 08 and NBA LIVE 08. So one player can chose advanced mode and take control of all aspects of the game while another can choose simple mode using just the wii remote for basic functions.Source: El33tOnline
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id say this is a good idea for everybody because games these days seem to be getting more and more controls with each sequel.
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would also be good to upgrade as you get better at the game - its no different to say, aim-assist that was in half-life 2 on easy difficulty.
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so itll give me a better reason to kick their ass at madden?
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TXcharger said:
so itll give me a better reason to kick their ass at madden?
Agreed. Although, real Madden players don't use the Wii.
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o just kidding, i rock out on the ps2 baby lol
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Bird of Prey
Keeps things simple, I like it.
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