Saturday, July 14th 2007

Swiftech Planning to Debut two self-contained Liquid Cooling Systems

Swiftech, when planning new products, has decided that some people using Liquid Cooling are a little scared of building their own system from scratch, and would rather see the benefits of liquid cooling without all the risks of custom-building. For these customers, Swiftech has made the all-new H2O-120 and H2O-220 Liquid Cooling Systems. The H20-120 combines the Apogee Drive 350 pump and water block with a MCR120 radiator, and comes already assembled, filled with liquid, and ready to cool. The H20-220 is the same kit, but with more, larger fans. Swiftech claims that the H20-220 can cool an overclocked quad core system with two NVIDIA 8800GTX's. The H20-120 kit is $159, and there is no word from Swiftech as to what the H20-220 will cost.

Source: The Inquirer
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5 Comments on Swiftech Planning to Debut two self-contained Liquid Cooling Systems

Able to cool an OC'd quad core and and two GTX's....... I dont know about that.

Its god to see another "All in one" kit out there to rival some of those other POS's out there.
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if you want to cool two 8800 gtx and a oc'ed quad core....why not just build it yourself. if you that kind of stuff, you have that kind of money, which means you'll be able to afford alot more radiators than they could offer you. also, if you still feel scared, just hire someone to do it, you'll almost certainly get better performance from a custom built system.
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Bird of Prey
I dont know, if Swiftech and eventually DD, start making all in one systems, that might be the easiest route to go really. I find their products to be of the utmost quality and the price mentioned for the H20 120 is a great price to be honest.
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I personally would like a single sealed system capable of cooling my rig (single GTX and OC'd C2D) better than air... it'd be nice.

However, it has to be viable - good temps, and comparable price to high end air cooling (which aint so cheap these days)
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I can see myself liking one of these... I'm not afraid of real custom built W/C but these seem so much easier.
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