Sunday, July 15th 2007

Sony Sues the company that Made their infamous rootkit

Sony BMG is suing Amergence Group, the guys that made the infamous rootkit that went on all of their CD's. Sony is claiming that Amergence was negligent, and delivered software that didn't work. If Sony wins the lawsuit, they will get $12 million USD. Presumably, Sony is trying to get some of the money it lost in the original rootkit lawsuit ($7.5 million USD) back.Source: The Inquirer
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5 Comments on Sony Sues the company that Made their infamous rootkit

I just lol'd at the amount of people sueing eachother..
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If I were Sony, I wouldn't want to remind everyone about the whole rootkit debacle.
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Sony is Sueing someone because the malware that was to ship with every Sony CD didn't work. F U sony. Illegal Downloading FTW!
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Bird of Prey
ROFL. Good going Sony.

Now, if you are mad because your little scheme didnt work, Karma is a bad thing (Referring to Sony here)
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