Tuesday, July 17th 2007

Trekstor Releases 1 TB External Hard Drive

Trekstor introduced its 1TB DataStation duo w.u external USB hard drive. From its size one can tell that the 1TB capacity is in fact achieved by using two 500GB hard drives stacked on top of each other. Still a system will report them as 1 HDD.
Nero BackItUp2 is the bundled software along with an aluminum housing that supposedly dissipates heat without the need for a fan. Its price is neither low nor high...Just $430.

Source: TrekStor
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5 Comments on Trekstor Releases 1 TB External Hard Drive

W1zzard's Sidekick
that is actually quite high ;) TB storage with Firewire 800 can be had for around 270€s these days :D
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lol - "dundled software". I'll have to find a use for that somewhere.
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W1zzard's Sidekick
thanx for the find, fixed

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Sorry guys but i got off work and instead of going to bed i stay up and post news.
Im only human :)
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Bird of Prey
Thats a pretty decent price for the size and speed. ESATA is all the rage these days though. If Im not mistaken USB2.0 is still faster than firewire 800.
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