Wednesday, July 18th 2007

PC-World Bundles Orange Contracts With Laptops

Electrical superstore PC World has started an campaign to prove that unlike most electrical superstores it can do even better than giving up free routers and modems and has announced that anyone who signs up for a two year Orange broadband contract will be given a new laptop worth over £300 ! Niall O’Keeffe, marketing director of PC World said: “The chance to have a free laptop is an amazing offer that is sure to tempt thousands of customers to sign up to Orange broadband through our stores. Orange broadband is already highly competitive, with one of the lowest monthly tariffs on the market. I am sure that the inclusion of a free laptop will electrify the market.”

Orange's broadband is a 2Mbit connection with wired ADSL modem at £14.99 per month with either the first three months at half price or an 8Mbit package on identical terms for £19.99 per month. The laptop its nothing too fancy. The Advent 7211 offers a 15.4' widescreen display, Celeron CPU, 256MB RAM , 40GB HDD and a DVD rewriter. PC-World gives customers in need of a bit more oomph the choice to trade up to a higher specified machine from just £19.99 or receive a £350 discount off any laptop in the PC World range.Source: PC-World
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Bird of Prey
Hell its still a free laptop!!
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Yeap....You could even give away as a present and let them look upon you like god :P
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Jimmy 2004
Doesn't seem to be anything about this on the PC World site, maybe it's in-store only. Either way, Orange (aka Freeserve, Wanadoo) broadband for two years would probably cost £300 more than my current deal with a worse package, so I'm happy as I am.

Edit: so that's £15 a month (plus the cost of calls from BT and £10.50 line rental) for a 2Mb connection with a 2GB monthly usage allowance. I pay less than that for an 8Mb connection including my calls - not as good a deal as it first sounds, but the free laptop definitely makes thinks more competitive. 2GB a month just wouldn't be enough for me though.
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the problem with deals like this is you have no room to argue about the level of service offered and you can guarantee the Tc's will be totally one sided in favor of Orange (previously freeserve then wanadoo).
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