Friday, July 20th 2007

Mushkin PSU Raffle #2 results announced

As you all know, after the success of our first PSU raffle, we decided to have a second one, this time open only to EU residents. Today, the results were announced. The winner of the Mushkin HP-580 AP power supply unit is Ben Clarke, the T-shirt runner up prize goes to Zippy.

Congratulations! Source: TechPowerUp! forums
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12 Comments on Mushkin PSU Raffle #2 results announced

Ben Clarke
Wow, my names in a news post :D

Well, first competition I've ever won...

Thanks TPU :)
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Congrats to Ben Clarke and Zippy! :)
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Jimmy 2004
Is the name Zippi or Zippy?

Either way, congratulations to both (especially Ben Clarke).
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I never win nothing... well cograts dude(s)
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Senior Moder@tor
Well done to the both of you! :toast:
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Congrats to Ben and Zippy :toast:
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Big toast to you guys! :toast:
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Bird of Prey
Well done. Too bad I didnt win the Mushkin for the americans <G>
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Congrats, better you than me! (oh, wait, was that backwards? :P)

btw, how many did take part?
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so where the one aussies can join in?
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