Sunday, July 22nd 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista SLI and CrossFire Hotfix (KB936710)

Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a Windows Vista-based computer that uses a high-performance video card.
  • This video card uses multiple graphics processing units (GPUs).
In this scenario, the computer's graphics performance seems to indicate that only a single GPU is being used. This problem occurs because the operating system does not forward driver-render requests to the secondary GPU. Microsoft issued today this hotfix (KB936710) which is strongly recomended for systems that are experiencing this specific problem. The patch applies to all Windows Vista 32/64-bit versions.

Hotfix KB936710 Microsoft SLI and CrossFire Windows Vista 32/64-bit Source: Microsoft
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9 Comments on Microsoft Windows Vista SLI and CrossFire Hotfix (KB936710)

you have to contact them to get the hotfix?? how gay!!!
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So this is only for single card multi gpu's? Like the 7950 and X1950?
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I run vista bizz 32 and my slave card is working in crossfire mode, are there alot of folks having this issue?:confused:?
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Bird of Prey least they are offering fixes for such problems.
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from what i've seen this is for dual GPU configs (two GPU's on one card) and NOT for regular crossfire/SLI. SLI/xfire users please let me know if you see anything to go against this.
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