Wednesday, July 25th 2007

Metal Gear Solid Online Announced

Video game publisher Konami recently revealed it is releasing an online version of its popular stealth combat game. The new title which is currently an exclusive for the Playstation 3 will feature 16 player mode in an array of stealth environments. And while Konami has not given a release date yet, beta testing will run between August 20th and September 3rd.Source: Digital Spy
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Sounds fun. Won't get me to buy a console but if it ever comes to PC I'd definitely try to play.
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Finally, Sony decides multiplayer > singleplayer.
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Metal Gear Solid? Like the one for the origional Playstation?
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Yep. Remember the NES one though?
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hat said:
Metal Gear Solid? Like the one for the origional Playstation?
Yes, just like the original for the ps1.

MGS is a four part series. MGS4 for the ps3 is supposedly the last.

So the devs are going all out on the last one, to make sure they cover as many request for mgs as possible, including online multiplayer.
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Bird of Prey
I dont think Sony will do that, but its a shame if they dont.

Has there ever been a metal gear game for the pc?
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