Monday, July 30th 2007

LG Philips Develops Oil And Water Flexi-displays

LG Philips has recently applied for a patent on a bendable OLED screen technology which would use oil and water to produce images. Current flexible OLED displays get hotter than the plastic substrate thus making manufacture difficult and expensive. This new process with oil and water that the company is developing doesn't have that problem. The opaque oil floats on the water and obscure a colored surface beneath when an electric charge was applied to the field it would reveal the surface and change the color of the pixel.Source: NewScientistTech,USTrademarkOffice
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6 Comments on LG Philips Develops Oil And Water Flexi-displays

Very interesting. Would allow for cheap "short lifetime" display devices. I don't think the oil would be stable over years... but maybe they have another trick up their sleeve
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like disposable cellphones, that would be retarded but none the less an interesting idea
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It is all a matter of how much it will cost and how long it can last.
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the question is how easy can it be recycled or remade otherwise its just a high tech plastic bag
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Bird of Prey
usually, with oil and water, the water might be what goes quickest. Oil can last for a very long time, Im just worried about the water with the heat and all. Also, how do recollect it or recycle it? condensation anyone???
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I think OLED will be a good display.. :) true color..:)
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