Tuesday, July 31st 2007

Linksys Name to Live On

Although Cisco President and CEO John Chambers claimed that the company was planning to kill off the Linksys brand last week, it seems that there’s a bit of internal confusion within the company as to what will be happening with the name. The Linksys division of the company, which ultimately takes its orders from Chambers, yesterday released the following statement:
Linksys consumer and SMB products will continue to be marketed under the Linksys brand and co-exist in the market with Cisco-branded connected home products over the near term. We will continue to examine our branding strategy going forward (as we have to date) and make changes if and when these changes add value to our customers' decision-making processes and our channel partners.
So it would appear that Cisco thinks it’s getting rid of the Linksys name, whilst the Linksys division thinks that it is here to stay - at least until the company is confident the Cisco name can sell as well a the Linksys brand.Source: eWEEK.com
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5 Comments on Linksys Name to Live On

they should just let it die as linksys makes some pretty expensive stuff that is absolute junk now
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Bird of Prey
I wouldnt call their stuff absolute junk. Its some of the best Ive ever used at home and at work.
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Linksys gear are okay, their market stuff is great from my own personal experience.
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What a complete cock-up at corporate HQ.

Cisco is a much stronger brand. They SHOULD kill of linksys. The question is, if there is a BIG STOCKPILE of linksys stuff, should they WAIT before announcing the kill. Probably.
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They should let Linksys die for an overall brand image improvement. This will get the Cisco name in every household. Gotta have that Branding
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