Thursday, August 16th 2007

Transcend Unveils aXeRam Overclocking Memory Series

Transcend Information (Transcend) is proud to announce its latest product series: aXeRam Overclocking Memory which use premium chips and offer unrivaled performance. Designed with gamers and power users in mind, aXeRam delivers superior overclocking performance while maintaining rock-solid system stability. Transcend’s first aXeRam product is the 2GB 240-pin DDR2-800 aXeRam Dual-Channel Overclocking Kit. The kit includes a matching pair of high-speed, pre-tested 1GB DDR2-800 modules with high-quality aluminum heat sinks. Transcend’s DDR2-800 aXeRam Dual-Channel 2GB Overclocking Kit uses six-layer PCBs and operates at CL4-4-4-12 at the standard 1.8V voltage. All Transcend memory modules come with a lifetime warranty and the support of a global service network.
Source: Transcend
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10 Comments on Transcend Unveils aXeRam Overclocking Memory Series

Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else think that the heatsink looks cheap?
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goodbye ocz hello Transcend (that was a little gay sorry)
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Eat, sleep, game!
Ravenas said:
Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else think that the heatsink looks cheap?
I think it looks pretty good :)
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giorgos th.
i dont think that it`s gonna be something special from other top o/c sticks in the market..
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well somebody go out and but some then so we can see what it can do....

Why did they only bring it out in DDR800?? You can just go and buy DDR1200...

Might search for some benchies/reviews
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800mhz is pretty standard for gamers/enthusiasts. They probably want to cater for the largest possible market. 1200 is more geared towards performance freaks (man i wish i had 1200 :p).
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maybe it's only at 800mhz because it's at 1.8 volts.
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Bird of Prey
When did they come out with DDR21200??????

Well it its using Primo chips, it has to be Micron D9s under the hood. This might be a sleeper like Patriot Memory was.
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Senior Moderator
If it's inexpensive they could grab some of the g-skill market.
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i took the plunge i have 2 of these kits on the way soon, replace the mixed ocz/hynix ram im using(2gb each brand) i have read good stuff about these sticks and my buddy in cali already has 1 set at 1066 at 1.95v 5-5-5-15 thats pretty damn good, their 1066 kit is rated at 2.1v 5-5-5-15 so i would say its the same kit diffrent spd, sweet deal!!!!!!

my tforce550 can do 2.1 via jumper, and its got STELLER bios tweak fetures :)
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