Tuesday, August 21st 2007

OCZ Announces Partnership with Leading UK Reseller PC World

OCZ Technology Group is pleased to announce their high-end computer hardware solutions will be available at one of England’s most prominent resellers, PC World. This agreement will allow a greater accessibility of OCZ memory products to UK-based consumers seeking the highest performing PC components.

As the growing European enthusiast market continues to demand cutting-edge technology and unique product offerings, OCZ strives to deliver the most innovative solutions directly to the region. Part of the DSGI parent company, PC World Computer Superstore will initially carry a diverse offering from the OCZ memory family, catering to enthusiasts and system builders with varying ranges of budget and system requirements. Customers can coordinate the right OCZ memory to integrate with their desktop or laptop, and with the lifetime warranty can rely on their memory product with the ultimate peace of mind.

“DSGI, or PC World, is embarking on a new era in our partnership with OCZ Technology,” commented Dean Kramer, Senior Category Manager for DSGI. “We feel that the consumer in the UK is crying out for the highest performing memory products to assist them in their gaming escapes and we are proud to announce the addition of OCZ’s award-winning products to the PC World assortment. They represent the highest quality assurance in there range of products, and that is exactly what our customers need.”

“OCZ is committed to delivering breakthrough products to the region, and we are proud to partner up with PC World to make our premium memory and flash solutions more readily available to consumers in the UK,” states Neil Arnold, UK Sales Director for OCZ. “Our products cater to high end consumers including gamers and enthusiasts that look for higher speeds, more stability, and more innovation, which are the very customers that turn to PC World for their computer component solutions.”

OCZ’s reputation for breakthrough products, awareness of end-user needs, and substantial global consciousness has lead to strong international brand recognition and leadership in the enthusiast market. As OCZ continues to strengthen its European channel and customer service, the company’s complete lineup of innovative products will be more readily available to the global enthusiast and gaming community.

View OCZ products available at PC World.Source: OCZ Technology
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8 Comments on OCZ Announces Partnership with Leading UK Reseller PC World

Yey. Always had problems getting hold of OCZ stuff through a retail outlet. This'll be good :)
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fingers crossed they won't have a huge markup on the prices compared to online retailers.
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of course they will, i went there yesterday to look for some headphones and i caught sight of several things and prices are rediculous, £170 for an x1950pro and a powercolor one at that....get real lol....they can be had for £80 brand new

ocz prices will be much higher than any good e-tailer guaranteed
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It's PCWorld what you expect!

CCL Computers is a great shop and highly recomended by me and anyone in the UK goto cclonline.com.

Always found them helpful with good prices.
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Scan and eBuyer too selway. I use all 3, and I have used Komplett once, and they were good and very fast delivery.

I like PCWorld tbh. Although I only use it to buy HDDs, heatsinks and games :P
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Pc world are around 25% mark up on all of their prices even generic items, i cannot see this move doing much for OCZ other than more mainstream consumer awareness.
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Heedless Psychic
I feel sick
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Bird of Prey
25% markup even on generic items? Holy crap thats ridiculous.

Good news for more retailers for OCZs stuff. Bad news if they mark it up that much.
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