Wednesday, August 22nd 2007

Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday it plans to introduce a computer mouse designed for PC gaming, in an effort to capture a growing segment of the computer peripheral equipment market. Microsoft's new SideWinder mouse, which will target hard-core computer video game fans, allows nearly 5,000 different adjustable settings, including weight, materials and touch. The new mouse comes with a small liquid crystal display between the thumb and index finger to keep track of game functions and settings. The SideWinder mouse will sell for $79.95 when it becomes available in October.

Source: Reuters,Microsoft
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9 Comments on Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

that looks really cool but painful at the same time
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Hmm nice on Microsoft, but I doubt you cant re-live the IME 3.0.

Iv used the original and got the most recent re-relase and I love it. The habu is good aparently.

Lets see if its as good as these or other Razer and logitech mice.
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Bird of Prey
I want like all 20 mice that are meant for gaming, too bad I dont have 20 arms
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Looks over complicated and uncomfortable IMO.
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Depending on how it truly looks IRL, I might replace my MX revolution.
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By looks alone it looks better than my MX Revolution but we will have to see about performance. But it is wired :/ I have no intention to go back to wired :shadedshu
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Nothing beats my MX1000. Suck dick.
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Casheti said:
Nothing beats my MX1000. Suck dick.
puh leeze my 2-button ball roller mouse will slap your mx1000 like there's no tomorrow. :p keke By the way, the new MS looks sick! gonna get it!
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