Wednesday, August 22nd 2007

Operation Flashpoint 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Codemasters today announced that Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is the full title of its military action simulation game sequel. Developed in-house, Dragon Rising takes place on an oil-rich island located off the eastern coast of Russia, with Russia and China fighting over ownership of the island. The game will be released in 2008 for PC and console systems.

Cinematic Teaser TrailerSource: Shacknews
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6 Comments on Operation Flashpoint 2 Teaser Trailer Released

That sucks we actually have to either pay or wait a long time just to be given a chance to download the trailerscrew the link given to us in this news article:mad::mad::mad:
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Bird of Prey
I dont see what all the fuss is about?????

Personally, Id take Russia and blow the hell out of China
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Wish the real game looks that good. :(
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Man I loved flahpoint when I used to play with my mate.. we had just about every mod known to man, it was a great game at the time..

You could even make your own vehicles from memory.....

#2 looks prettty good too.
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TPU addict
Xolair said:
Wish the real game looks that good. :(
Yeah as that video is just that i be leave and not actual game play. BI are doing game 2 not Codemasters they just own the old game name.
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