Wednesday, August 29th 2007

Microsoft and Mitsubishi Announce Translucent Screen Prototype

Microsoft and Mitsubishi are taking handheld PC's to the next level. LucidTouch, as the technology is called, allows users to control the touch screen PC with both hands, while previous touch-screens required some form of support (usually a hand) to hold the touch-screen up. LucidTouch technology poses a rather interesting question: Where is the PC part of the touch-screen PC going? Any manufacturer using LucidTouch will have to take low-profile to a new level, and somehow cram all the important hardware to the sides of the screen.

Source: Reg Hardware
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2 Comments on Microsoft and Mitsubishi Announce Translucent Screen Prototype

very interesting snd yet confusing:banghead::banghead::banghead:
When they saty handheld pcs in the artcle do the mean the UMPC's? if so then that solves that hardware problem right there put the keyboard on both sides like Samsung did with their new model and behind them they cann hide the components:pimp::pimp:

EDIT: OR wait if anyones ever seen the movie Minority report on a particular scene with a laptop they can see through it both ways maybe that is a better way to implememnt this technology lol idk just a guess imo
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Bird of Prey
maybe they can make it like that pc used in the move the Island. That was bad ass and had a pyramid for a mouse :)
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