Thursday, August 30th 2007

Caribbean Island Bans Electronics On Beach

While the idea behind a vacation is to "get away from it all", some people use the opportunity of peace and quiet to catch up on some important business. Unfortunately, in the process of catching up on important business, the businessmen ruined the beach experience for the natives and true vacationers. And so, to keep the vacation experience vacation-y, Palm Island is banning all mobile devices within a half-mile of the beach. Resort owner Rob Barret is a full supporter of this legislation, and backed up the ban. "There is nothing worse than lying back in your double hammock, sipping on your strawberry daiquiri and hearing the Motorola jingle in the background. (Vacationers should) switch off their mobiles and enjoy the sound of the lapping waves."

Source: EnGadget
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Heedless Psychic
Consider yourself lucky.. all the women I know bitch like its their last day on earth "that bitch is out to get me" style ....
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Yes I get that a lot as well.

I am not surprised I have not pulled a gun and shot everyone yet, my doctor says I have a much higher risk of the murder/suicide thing.

Like that Columbine guy, I have a similar "defect", I randomly lash out on everyone and everyday I am very silent and resentful.
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Steevo said:
I go in the mountins where you don't even get radio well. No cells work, no electricty, no running water. That is a vacation.
You got that right; my summer holiday this year was a survival course smack in the middle of the South American jungle. Not even any airline routes passed that area, let alone did we have electricity and mobile coverage. Now that was relaxing.

Ketxxx said:
Exactly :D apart from the asian thing, I think asians are hot, but their not my thing. I pref blondes\brunettes
Agree with you completely; Asians are nice but give me a brunette any day. Ok then, a blonde will do as well. Actually, an Asian too; beggers can't be choosers :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
Yes we all know how using a laptop at the beach can kill :shadeshu

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DaMulta said:
Some people can NEVER leave work totally. There could always be some problem that needs to be looked at ASAP. For that reason I disagree with this idea.

This is the Island(I think)
Queensland, Australia.

I am confused damulta.....

Why is there a map of queensland there...

That red dot on QLD is almost on top of my house... lol
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Ketxxx said:
I wanted to go there because I know a hot girl that lives in australia an now I cant go :cry:
that island isnt near Australia...
Last time I checked we were quite some distance away from the Carribean :roll:

Maybe we floated to the US? But I think not :laugh:
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If the caribean is right there I am gettin in the tinny tomorrow and goin over there..... lol
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