Wednesday, September 5th 2007

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 1.0 Plugin

Microsoft has officially delivered their first release of the Silverlight browser plugin designed to help companies produce rich, web-based applications and user experiences. When first announced, criticism arose around the lack of support for operating systems other than Windows and OS X. However, now Microsoft states they will be working with Novell to bring Silverlight to Linux and that more than 35 companies have joined to help the "Silverlight Partnership Initiative" launch.

More information on Silverlight can be found here. Source: HEXUS
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Glump Bliermp
Flash is the whole reason Adobe bought Macromedia. Such a filthy rotten move. Adobe was too lame to try to innovate new products. Instead they had to simply buy out the competition - a very cowardly move. Thank you microsoft for stirring up some Flash competition. I hope you punish Adobe for their smite against Macromedia!

PS, Fireworks FTW!!! WOOT
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who here has ever used macromedia xres?

it was way better than photoshop.
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It's a trap!

I'd rather go back to RealPlayer. Even if Silverlight's great, this just hands way too much power into the hands of Microsoft, and they've already shown that they readily abuse that power when they obtain it.

However, I'm a realist -- unless Adobe does something to ensure Flash's long-term survival and profitability, you can bet that Microsoft will use their machinations to start making Silverlight real "convenient" to Windows users, or just make it really hard to install Flash on Windows all of a sudden...

Microsoft Tech Support: "Oh, I'm sorry -- did that last hotfix break your flash-based website? Well, let me tell you about Microsoft's new and exciting Silverlight development packages..."
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Glump Bliermp
MS does have a lot of power with this product, but power is the whole reason Adobe bought Macromedia. I hope MS reduces Adobe to rubble (even though I own Studio 8). I just hope someday Adobe regrets F-ing with Macromedia.
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Bird of Prey
What webpage that I visit or that yall know of, use this "Silverlight" deal from MS?
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